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Key Cutting

Whether it’s time for home, office, or car key cutting, Pickering Ontario people can simply make one call to our company and have their job done accurately and swiftly. Alternatively, you can send a message. It’s up to you. What’s important is that you can get any key cut quickly and with the utmost precision, without paying a fortune either.

Key Cutting Pickering

And then, there’s also the matter of the reason you want a key cut. In other words, this may be an emergency key replacing situation or just your choice to make a key duplicate. The key may be stuck, missing, or broken. Or you may simply want an extra key made, just in case. Have the peace of mind you need that no matter what key service you need, it will be provided quickly and the new key will be made to perfection. Let us tell you in some greater detail what our team here at Anytime Locksmith Pickering can do for you.

If you need key cutting in Pickering, just let us know

We are ready to serve all Pickering key cutting requests. Simply put, we send locksmiths to cut keys. The question to ask here is this: do you want a key cut just to have an extra to give to the kids, to a visitor, to a new employee? Or you want a key made due to damage? Is the original key ruined, bent, rusty, lost? Put all such concerns at bay and simply make contact with our company.

From key duplicating to urgently retrieving broken and stuck keys and having them replaced, our company can help with all such requests.

  •          Office key duplication
  •          Home key replacement
  •          Car key cutting & programming
  •          Broken and stuck key retrieval
  •          Extra key made

On all such occasions – whether urgent or not, there’s a need to cut keys and we send pros out rapidly.

Only well-equipped locksmiths are appointed to make new keys

Not all keys are the same. Nor are locks. Yet, cutting keys with precision is paramount. And so, we always send experts to make new keys. To extract – if needed, keys and replace them with new ones. To cut brand new keys, or to make and program car keys. All such key services are provided with the appropriate tools, at a very attractive price, by experts only, in a jiff. Do you need a key? Just call us to get swift response and the best key cutting in Pickering.